Anonymous asked: Oh my gosh i read the read more and I want to say something: Well done for still being alive. I know life's a bitch and panic attacks are awful - they ruin everything- but i can 1000% promise that you are fabulous and deserve to be happy. X

Thankyou, dear <3

You are very lovely. 

I think I am back on my feet enough to get this blog running. I will probably clear out my inbox and get them up this week.

If you wanna know what’s been going on in my life, feel free to click past the read more

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As you can tell, I am too preoccupied to be able to update this blog regularly. I’m having some difficult medical problems, as well as having to keep up with school and work. I always forget about this blog until it’s really just too late.

Would anyone be alright with taking this over for now? Would anyone like to do that? Message me and let me know. There are a few confessions in the inbox I may be able to get to, but for the next few months. I am gonna be a bit insane.

Thankyou for giving this blog so many followers. You guys are a great fandom. It’s been good. <3

Considering handing this blog over to someone else for a while, as I clearly don’t have enough time for it while classes are happening.